Coke Cooler

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I'm posting this per a request from ChunkyMermaid - it was in the background of the cat house posting.  I actually built this a few years ago.  Inside is an old insulated cooler that plugged into the car - I used it for years when I had to travel for my job and it was close enough to drive.  I'm always thirsty, so I always kept coke in it - after I retired it was never used, but we still had it hanging around.  I hate to throw away something still useful and we really needed a drink cooler outside.  My daughters gave me the Coke tubs underneath.  

I built this a little larger than the cooler, so we could store a few extras at one end inside.  I drilled a hole through the bottom of the cooler, added a drain and then ran some pipe through the side with an outdoor faucet to drain  the water into a bucket after the ice melts.  I added the paper towel holder just because it seemed like a handy place to keep the paper towels.