Free-Form Bathroom Re-Do

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About 5 years ago I decided to paint a British Union Jack in our toilet area of the master bedroom. I decided to paint it reddish-purple and gold. It was definitely a challenge getting the lines correct, but when done I loved how it turned out until a few months ago. This time around I wanted light and bright! I used 2 coats of primer, then 1 coat of white paint to cover the walls. From the get-go I was going to free-form the design, but decided to make a template on my Cricut which was great, until I attempted to first use a Sharpie marker (would've taken days to complete - nix that), then paint (which bled like crazy). Not giving up on this project, I said screw it to the stencil and go with my original plan. I used a 3" wide foam brush that I cut the pointy end off so it would make a flat application. Took me a couple of days because this ol' gal's back was complaining loudly, but I got it done! It's free-form, which to this perfectionist means "not perfect," but I do love how it turned out, and digging the light and bright of the room! This project is officially done!!!