What are you listening to?

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Okay folks, time to give up your playlists for Christmas crafting! Personally it surprises the heck out of people the range of music I listen to, especially being 50 years old. Christmas brings out the old fogey in me though, and I love the classics, like Bing, Dean, Sammy and DA FRANK! I also like the most famous trio nobody's heard of, The Vince Guaraldi Trio. They did all the music for the older Charlie Brown Cartoons. Amazon Music is usually playing on my phone about 80% of my waking hours. lol My guilty little secret is the Bob Rivers Troop. They make some of the funniest, yet worst Christmas skits you will ever hear. If you are alone listen to 12 pains of Christmas on YouTube. You will be hurting from laughing so hard at the end.