Rustoleum - or Unobtainium?

Submitted to Product Chat

I’m very interested in "RESTORE® Restore Outdoor Furniture." I think it would be perfect for me for painting my patio furniture. My problem is, I can’t find out where to buy it. Your “find in store” tool takes my zip code, 48169, Pinckney, Michigan and tells me to try the Home Depot in Lynchburg, Virginia, 604 miles away. By the way, Home Depot does not list the product. Neither does Lowes. Neither does Menards. Neither does Amazon. Neither does Ace Hardware. Neither does True Value Hardware. Neither does Do It Best hardware. Neither does any other source I’ve tried! What is this stuff – unobtainium?

A further question. The product page says, “To properly prepare your surface use either the Restore Deck Start Wood Primer or the Restore Deck Stripper.” The product page for Restore Deck Start Wood Primer says you must use a Restore Deck Cleaner before using Restore Deck Start Wood Primer. “REGARDLESS OF AGE OR SURFACE CONDITION, FAILURE TO FOLLOW ONE OF THESE PREPARATION METHODS WILL RESULT IN POOR ADHESION AND POSSIBLE COATING FAILURE. NEW AND SEALED WOOD DECKS NEED TO WEATHER AT LEAST SIX MONTHS BEFORE APPLICATION.” That’s impressive! However, as far as I can tell, there is no such thing as Restore Deck Cleaner! I can’t find it anywhere on your website or on any website run by any of the suppliers mentioned above or by anybody else.

By the way, the document I'm supposed to take to my retailer to assist them in placing a special order makes it very clear that the retailer will have to order a full case of the product in order to sell me one can. Why would I expect a retailer to do that?

Can you help me out here?