this only vaguely involves crafting, but I'm so excited!!!!

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Okay, I have never had reason to mention it on here, but I've only had about 35% hearing for the last several years due to an industrial accident. Because of the type of damage involved, conventional hearing aids will not do anything for me.
I live very close to a teaching hospital, and I was selected for an experimental study. That ugly 70's looking hearing aid you see is a totally new technology. It's not auditory. It uses bone conduction. The large thick part has a coil in it, and there's a steel pin set in my skull behind the ear. I now hear when that coil vibrates the pin.

I can hear every note on my guitar and piano again. I can hear my grandkids voices. I've met a friend who learned some basic sign so she could talk to me and now she doesn't have to struggle trying to remember the right sign. I can lose myself in pink Floyd and Mozart again and I'm finding new genres that I couldn't hear before.
Take care of your hearing when you are crafting my friends. I got a second chance and I'm still getting so overjoyed I dissolve into tears at times. My phone is getting hard to see right now, so have a wonderful day!