Bathroom Redo!!!!

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My boyfriend and I have been putting a lot of time into completing the updates of our house over the last few months. Thankfully it's been pretty much all cosmetic and we haven't run into any serious issues, but nevertheless, it's still time consuming!

We have two bathrooms upstairs and I'm so happy to FINALLY be finished with BOTH! Woo! The floors were the main issue because they were linoleum? vinyl? and as old as me (28 years)! So they were at the stage of being dirty beyond repair. Fortunately, my aunt donated her leftover tile to us and it was just enough to do both bathrooms!!!

This is one of them and I love it! It feels so much cleaner!!!!!! Not sure why, but neither of us took any before pictures, so I used what I could find from the house listing and of my dog watching me in the shower LOL!!!! PS: my boyfriend HAD to have the caribbean blue walls seen in the one picture... thankfully, they've met their end!

Now onto the next project!!!!