"Whink" Products

Submitted to Community Chat

I happened to receive a box of cleaning products from Rust-Oleum today. Thanks so much!! “Whink” is the actual product name but Rust-Oleum now owns them. I could not wait to try some of these babies out!! I went right for the “Calcium Lime Remover” and “Hair Clog Blaster!”, then I headed up to the bathroom!

The “Calcium Lime Remover” worked awesome on my tub. When first using the product, I noticed it was A LOT thinner than other similar products I’ve used. I was surprised and pleased. This stuff literally made my tub shine! No elbow grease needed!! I was truly impressed.

I then went on to use the “Hair Clog Blaster!”. My tub was not “clog” with hair, but I have two dogs and 2 humans that use the tub so I thought it wouldn’t hurt. I thought, maybe it would put a little more speed into the drainage. I put approximately 8-10oz in my bathtubs drain and let it sit for 20mins. I ran the water down the drain in the tub for a few minutes. I then closed the drain and filled the tub up with some water. When I opened the drain, I could tell the water was going down much faster. This stuff worked very well also. I can’t wait to use it when my drain is actually clogged!

I feel the two “Whink” products I tested worked extremely well and I plan to use this brand from now on. BRAVO!