Finally fixed a project fail!! New table is done!

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Please excuse the background.  The oak tree and I are fighing with the gifts it "leaves" me and I'm losing.

I made this table a couple of years ago after seeing a table made with plumbing supplies and it's ridiculous price tag!! Though these supplies ran me a bit over 100, it was still way less than the one I saw.

My first attempt was quite ugly and I chalked it up as a craft fail and stuck it on the back porch, but I decided I would have a take two and make it work (said like Tim Gunn)!!

I went to home depot and bought the Rustoleaum hammered copper spray paint.  I repainted the table base. I have to say I love this color and was really happy with the results.

Here is where my hubby came in.  We don't have a table saw and hand cutting from a 15.00 sheet of plywood is not something I should do.  He also made the bottom frame portion. Though I am a huge miter saw fan, I was off putting coats of sealer on my pallet table, so I was fine with that. :)

I used the new Varathane aging produce that I was sooo lucky to receive as a sample for the top and the sides.

This stuff was SOO awesome. I am not going to lie, as soon as I saw it work, I used it on a tray, as well as a small box I had...then I am on the search for anything else that I can use this on!!  Watching the process is so cool and it looks fantastic!!

I am a huge fan and plan on making all sorts of things with this.  I highly recommend getting some.  I put a pic up that shows half done and half not.  Super fun!!

I then sealed it to survive the texas summer and now I have a great table for my back patio!!

Thanks for reading and happy creating!!