Ugly bathroom vanity lights

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I live in a rental and have these 'charming' vanity lights . as you can see they are part of the mirror. I would love to put a metal shade over the entire strip, but they all run in the 500-600 dollar range. I know one of you could use mesh and figure out to mount and finish. 

since I am new to this I looked at all Pinterest and cannot find instructions.

So I thought I would change light bulbs to Edison style, and maybe, use the mirror spray to make the glass shades look like mercury antique glass. i do not know if the heat from the bulb will hurt the glass after it is painted, nor have any other ideas,

I have never used this product and most websites recommend a competitor's, cannot find anyone who has a pin using Rustoleum's product for this. In fact, have not seen the two ideas together, also thought of frosted glass but have the same issue with heat. If I used frosted would not bother with a different bulb.

I know I am not the only one who has this problem, and I have three bathrooms with exactly the same lights.

I would start in guest which is only four lights and rarely needs bright light.

Since these lights are part of the mirror not a question of painting mirror, maybe a peel n stick product if you feel have to change the background. FYI am not a shabby chic, farmhouse unless originally the item was farmhouse, or is chipped because of age.