Snowy Snowman

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When I went to get out the Christmas cards, I had a little craft idea. The cards were so cute and I had just read Vimarhonor’s post about decoupage. I decided to use this leftover gold plastic charger for my base and and one of my Christmas cards for the body. So it really was a dollar or so to make this.
Once I decoupaged the cutout snowman to the plate, I used the fancy trim from the envelope for the plate edge. After that I used Metallic Accents in pearl and painted the entire front of the plate. I quickly went back with some crumpled tissue paper and pulled off enough paint to see the snowman and the trim but leaving on enough paint  to make it look like the snowman was in a snowstorm.
Fun, fun, fun!!:)
This would be a fun kids project if the snowman was cut out ahead for them. 
Okay Carly, I’m in!! Lol
update: Came back and added a couple pictures of the snowman being painted out. After looking at him a couple days I decided I would like him better like this. He pops more. I often change my mind after I look at something a couple days!!:)