Not-Quite-Fall Marbling Medium Project

Submitted to Community Chat

I think I need more practice.

I was pleasantly surprised about the amount of medium in the bottle.  There is plenty medium left for other projects.

First, the bad.  As a nice surprise, other paints were sent along with the medium.  Unfortunately one of them opened and there was paint everywhere in the box.  The medium was fine, thankfully.

I jumped at this project because I recently printed a small display stand for polyhedral dice.  In my mind's eye, marbling was the perfect finish for the stand.  I'm sure I stirred the medium and paint too thoroughly on the first go as I got more of a solid blue color (second photo).

I read the directions again before starting the other items--Christmas ornaments!  These are available at the local dollar store in packs of two.  My second attempt was the 'striped' ornament.  The marbling effect is marginally present, but I did not mix enough for good coverage on the whole ornament.

Attempt three is the red ornament in the foreground.  The back half is actually marbled green.  This time I poured the color on too thick.

After the second ornament, I experimented with medium to paint ratios.  I found that adding more medium than paint to the mixture produced more of the desired effect.  The end result are the last two ornaments.  Both are solid color with marbling medium.  The light is behind them on purpose since I was trying to demontrate how they let the light through.  I can't wait to put these two on a tree with christmas lights!

I ground five stumps and poured a sidewalk this past weekend and did not have time to get to the final marbling project (final for now).  In the background of the third photo are some large dollar store eyeballs with LED lights inside.  I'm going to marble these for gory effect.  I'll definitely post photos of the eyeballs.

I still haven't got some of the extreme marbling other folks have demonstrated.  Hopefully the eyeballs will give the opportunity to get it right.

Thank you, Rustoleum, for the opportunity.  I honestly would not have tried this technique without your prodding.  I've already sold my friend's fiance on the product--she said she is buying some after seeing my last two ornaments.