Brutus is getting a makeover!

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Hey all! I've got a few projects going on right now, with my racing lawn tractor rebuild and helping out at the local library. Brutus is really my long-standing pet project though, so he's taken the front seat again.
He'd had an accident a few weeks ago when I was bringing him home from a demonstration at the local library about robots and ROVs. He fell off the ramps when I was unloading him at home.
I've been missing my buddy so I ripped the old body off and started coming up with ideas.
This is what's up so far. I'm using a plywood base, but he's going to have a lot of 3d printed parts this time. I'll post every week or so, as I get stuff done. I'm still working through quite a few things, so each individual project update will possibly be sporadic, but I'm kinda scatterbrained right now.
I've got a quick little project too that I did on a whim. That will probably get posted later today.
Have a great weekend everyone!