Mold & mildew discussion

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Hey Everyone,

This is Brian from the Cleaners platform here at Rust-Oleum.  You may remember me from a post back in April when Moldex first joined the Rust-Oleum family.  Your feedback on that post was great and I'll be honest, it has had me thinking... thinking a lot!  

So, I was hoping we could start a very open and loose discussion here about mold & mildew.  To lead it off, here is a question for you...

"At what point, does a person decide to look beyond a trusted daily cleaner brand and search for something different to remove mold & mildew?"  

Maybe it is the location or where the mold is growing?  Maybe it is the size or severity of the mold & mildew?  Maybe it's frustration with a cleaner that isn't doing the job?   

I'm curious to hear your thoughts!


Update 9/26: I added a few more photos to this post because I didn't want the severity of the featured image to impact any of the questions or discussions.   This is really about the topic of mold & mildew overall.  Everything from spots in your shower to furry mold growth after flooding.