I know, I know....

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I know, I know it’s not even Thanksgiving and I’ve got a Christmas tree already up in my lower level. Don’t tell anyone please it’s embarrassing!:( I was just so excited to see this new tree come together with the things I’ve been collecting for it. This tree will be the pallet for the rest of the Christmas decorating in this house. One thing I wanted to say was I didn’t spend a fortune to do this tree. 
I got this beautiful $279.00 tree for $30.00 in an after Christmas sale last year, in February I think. I spent $20.00 for the tinsel trim at Michael's half off sale. I got the silver beaded trim at a garage sale last sale summer for 75 cents . I bought a big tub of beautiful ornaments at Sams Club for $30.00. I finished up with about $20.00 worth of stuff from the dollar store. Oh and I don’t want to forget the six gold angels I made over the summer because of needing to use spray paint. I think not counting the angels I spent a total of $100 on this tree and decorations.
The Dollar Tree things were the gold and white glitter deer, the big white glitter snowflakes and the gold glitter berries. You can buy a stem of the berries for a dollar. Cut them at the bottom of the big stem to make 4 stemmed berry bunches. That’s 25 cents an ornament. I used the gold but I noticed they had Red And Silver berries too.
You know what just hit me? The bows. Yes, I spent $6.98 a piece on 4 spools of wired ribbon to use on the trees, presents and throughout the house this Christmas.
I’m so excited to do the Christmas decorations. I’m glad I made those gold angels during the summer because they’re really perfect for this tree.:)