It's Not For Me!

Submitted to Community Chat

I have a good friend I promised to make something for her churches silent auction.I had been thinking and thinking and couldn't figure out what to make. It was only a few days away and still nothing came.

Meanwhile we were having a garage sale middle of the week to avoid the rain showers forecasted for the weekend. We no sooner got all set up for the garage sale work,work,work, then of course  we saw black clouds forming for a rain shower.We quickly prepared ourselves for the down pour and went inside to wait it out. 

Now my mind went back to the project I needed to do for the auction. I said a little prayer as I walked to my art room. I needed something and I needed it quick. I got out a flat canvas and started painting using Testors craft paints. I tried a few experimental techniques and this is what came of it. I'm not an artist, I'm just artsy, I only paint on canvas every once in awhile.

After sometime the rain stopped and I went to finish the garage sale. Later that night I remembered the painting was drying in my art room. I went to see it again. I started questioning if it was good enough for the auction. I asked the family and they all loved it.

So off to the auction on Saturday, I hope it does well. Maybe I should have painted her a bench!:):):)

I used testors craft paints by RUST-OLEUM. A Triple Thick gloss I could roll on being it was raining out. Finally I framed it under glass.