Splashy Barn Door

Submitted to Community Chat

I found this old barn door for a steal last summer.  My full intention was to turn it into a hall tree, but something just didn't feel right about that project.  So a few weeks ago my husband took off the door to our laundry room so he could pull out the freezer to vacuum under it.  The proverbial skies parted and BAM....that old door had a new life....as a door!  There were layers upon layers of old paint on the poor thing that needed to be removed.  The door turned out to be too short and not wide enough for the intended opening (some previous owner did a butcher job on it).  Some wood was added to both sides and the bottom to make it fit the opening.  From there my husband removed the door frame and did some texturing, etc to clean it up.  I used Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer on the pretty side of the door (lesson learned after putting 4 coats of paint on the backside...live and learn).  I also used Modern Masters Never-Fades Front Door Paint and a couple of other non-Rust-Oleum paints to pretty this old beast up.  I had an old square-notched trowel that I decided to use as the handle.  Lastly, my husband installed the sliders, and it was finally door hanging time.  Love how the in yo' face colors brighten up a rather dreary area of our home.