Easy faux patina on metal -during winter❄️

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Normally I might use several layered paint on with aerosol metallic spray paint applications in search of an aged patina when the spray painting seasonal temperatures allow.

Always looking for uses of my existing paints this was an easy and successful experiment.
Laid out -draping - the wire strung bright brass colored bells and stippled on random dots of oil rubbed bronze then immediately while wearing cheap clear plastic gloves grabbed the bells to blot and smear the paint haphazardly. Suppose scrunched up cling wrap might work too.

It left a nice appearance. It could further be enhanced with your favorite waxy rub ons, if a multitonal coloration might be desired. This is a darker aged finish than my other garlands previously painted bells but quite appropriate for hanging on top of my linen drapes and coordinates with my oil rubbed door hardware.
Now to figure out more projects to use up this paint….not much was used here.