Flip-up Model Train Board Up and Running in Less Than Five Minutes

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You said you wanted to see it. This is the Hogwarts Express Lionel O Gauge train set I started to make for my Wife. I got taken away from the project after the board was complete with all of the wiring done. The trains and stuff are stored in the drawers. This is a one take, no breaks video. I probably should have cleaned the track first. It has not run since last summer, seven months ago, so the track is probably dirty.

This is the Youtube link.

People tell me this is impossible, that you need special inserts for the joining track points, that it will derail. As a Naval Aviator the extremely hard may take me a couple of minutes. The impossible, just a little longer. The system is designed to go to through the average doorway when folded down. When up the layout is four foot by eight foot with six switches and a figure-eight inside the main oval and a siding rail.