Hand Carved Carousel cat

Submitted to Community Chat

I've been working on this kitty for about a year. I had to keep setting it aside. He is painted after my favorite kitty that passed away May of 2016 He loved strawberries and tomatos amoung other things besides his usual cat food. This is carved out of Basswood. The maione outline I did cut out with a scroll saw from a larger 2 1/2' piece of basswood. the rear legs and tail were cut out seperately in order to run the wood grain down them for better strenght. He has glass eyes. I layered the colors and used a simis dry brushed pouncing motion to paint his body to help add the fur texture. It's more visiable on his white feet since the darker greys blended into the black top coat. He has strawberries on the the piece of the chest strap and tomatos under the back side of the saddle. The real Toby had a purple collar with silver paw prints on it so I did the trappings in shades of purple and some silver accents. His tag is on his chest with his name carved and painted. The right side (Romance) is fancier in the trappings than the left ( inside facing) to match the tradional Carousel tradition. I couldn't quite put Toby's full personality into this carving he was quite the character.