Kitchen/Bath Remodel

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I want to thank everyone again for their votes, and making me the Trash to Treasure Challenge winner!


Yesterday I took the first big step in my remodel. It's been in my head that I want to do this, I have been staring at this kitchen for over a year wanting to bust it out. I'm not a spring chicken! So I had a feeling of confidence come over me yesterday, and I started banging out my tile at a there was no going back.Only a few more tiles left and done. The hard part was cleaning up the mess! I am planning on doing a glass tile backsplash. I've done lots of tile work, so that will be easy for me. 

A friend suggested large tiles on the counter, if I didn't want to paint.I tried pounding one of the tiles on the countertop, it didn't crack or budge. I don't understand why.?????

Okay now I know why...thank you everyone. All the backsplash is removed. I purchased a floor levelor yesterday. I plan on mixing and pouring over countertop to level the tiles with the grout lines. 

So I will keep you all updated, and add to this post as I go along. Just don't be surprised if I need to pick your brains. Thank you!