Wall Quilt ( pictures)

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I had the this metal wall hanging. It was dark and worn and needed to be lighter.I used Rust-oleum products like Zinsser primer, Latex gloss in almond and I mixed some Testors enamels. Then I used some of my scrapbooking paper for the squares.

This turned out to be more difficult then I thought. I think I had to redo it four times. The scrapbooking paper is thin and likes to wrinkle up easy when put on glue. So I had to glue each piece to a watercolor paper and then glue to the metal hanging.

Finally, no wrinkles. I’m happy with it and it looks Great in the space! Can’t wait to see how it looks against the Rust-oleum Simply Home , Soft Beige, Wall Paint Im doing. I will update with new picture.

The wall hanging looks awesome against the Soft Beige. I’m so happy I did this. So much difference.


I decided to try painting the metal all a solid gray, the base was just too busy against  the patterns. I think this looks a lot better. So the one picture with the solid gray background is how it finally turned out.

another update:

I’ve completely redone this wall piece. Just couldn’t get it right. I think it looks really good now.