A Neglected Table Gets a Makeover

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You all remember the picture of my husband carrying the table on his head?  It's done!  There's more to the story...while I was gearing up to work on this table I decided I needed some chairs.  So, I looked online for (used) chairs and found some...the chairs were with another table that was nearly identical to this one and they were priced at $20; not bad for table and chairs.  So I ended up with 2 tables! Haha!  If the mess is already out, why not work on two?!  #twoisbetterthanone

Here's pictures from the neglected table (from the park) makeover; I'll share the second table soon.

If you want to see more pictures, please click here: http://www.creativelylivingblog.com/2016/06/table-makeover-table-1.html


Update: Table #2 is finished http://www.creativelylivingblog.com/2016/06/table-makeover-table-2.html