Varathane Stain

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I just need to share this with all. I just used Varathane stain for the first time. I am making a countertop for my patio redo and I decided to try it. I have to say this is one of the best I have used, and believe me I use a lot of stain! I decided on Kona because I wanted a darker color and I was going over new pine boards, which never take the stain good..well they aren't lying when they say one coat coverage!! I couldn't be happier with this coverage..great job Rustoleum!!! When I get the project done I will post pictures. I plan on doing the top of a pedestal table with it also to match the counter top. Getting excited to see this project all pulled together! Just waiting on the weather so I can get it done! I am so happy I found this group, it certainly has opened up many options for all my projects I get into to!!