Castle Themed Gameroom

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So, let me start with the back story.  When we bought our house 5 years ago now, we were told that this room what was called an "office", but we turned into a gameroom, had some slight termite damage under the window, but did not show signs of active termites.  Sadly, once we moved in, we found out that this one might not have had active, but what was the formal dining that we converted to an office and the garage had active termites.  Both those roooms had to be taken down to the studs and repaired, some of the headers, and studs, all replaced, as well.  Luckily, my husband and I are pretty handy and managed to handle the repairs ourselves, minus the drywalling back.  TOTAL NIGHTMARE! This is the LAST room that needs to be updated and have the termite damage addressed, so my husband, having had his fill, is dragging his feet.  This girl cannot wait much longer, so I finally moved forward with my grand plan on the one wall I know is safe from damage! hahaha

We had talked about doing a full blown castle theme for a while, so we decided to go for it. 

I painted the lower half a lovel gray, but really wanted to put some sort of texture on the wall to keep things interesting.  I found some of the plastic trellis and spray painted it the metallic soft iron color and thought it turned out perfect.  I then topped it with a trim piece that I painted in hammered black.  I had initially planned on hand stenciling the top half of the wall to look like stone but then my ADHD brain was finally able to wrap itself around how long that would actually take, so I found some stone stick on wall paper.  It is not really the stone look that I wanted. I wanted more of a traditional castle wall look, but it was on clearance and is a peel and stick, so I wont cry if I can finally come across the pattern that I REALLY want.  It will do for now.

The wooden windows I was so excited to find. I  knew what I wanted but was unable to find them in a price I was willing to pay.  I finally found them on clearance at Hobby Lobby for 20.00 each.  For those who know me, that was still WAY WAY WAY more than I wanted to pay, but they were exactly what I wanted and I know would work perfect, so I used a gift card from a previous birthday. haha

The framed print is of the Periodic Table of Magic.  We saw it when we were at on vacation and went to the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle.  We LOVED that place!! If you are anywhere near it, might I suggest a trip...I would love to go back as right now they have a Marvel Super Hero exhibit.  I would love to see GRROOOOTTT!  anyhoo, that table was in one of the displays.  Luckily, they had it in the gift shop to purchase so of course I was getting it!  It's in an Ikea frame.

The desks. This is really how it all got started is I really wanted to install these hanging desks in the room.  I got the normal chain and you can see in the close up how it was attached.  We  used the same type on the wall.  We knew that the boys  were going to lean, so it is reinforced with another piece of wood on the back end, as well as additional pieces width wise on the under side.

I used the varathane weathered wood accellerator on the inside portion of the desk, but left it naturaly on the outside.  Yes, they are small desks, that barely fit the monitors , keyboard and the mouse, but this was purposeful.  We are a family of surface stackers.  If there is a surface, we will put something on it.  They used to have larger desks, but they just became huge dumping grounds for what can only be descriped as crap. Okay, that was harsh..clutter!!  So, we kept them where they could not be anything but a computer holder.

I also painted the baseboad in the hammered metal to match the trim.

The table I have posted about before that is spray painted in glossy black with added gold vinyl and gold wax.

The mobile in the corner is something I made (much to my husband's amusement) based on the metal flute I saw at home depot.  Yes, I know, it's a metal flute, but when I walked by and it caught my eye, it look just like a crown! I spray painted it in metallic gold and added some stick on "jewels".  I used metallic paper to cut out a knight and dragon shape and attached with white and cold string.

I also added some lights for fun.  Hey, at least my kids and I like it! rofl

I plan on continuing the theme and will post additional walls as they become available for updating.  Our end game is to have a hidden door that looks like a bookshelf that swings in for access. 

I just have to talk my husband in to moving this project along....wish me luck! ;)