"C" Table

Submitted to Community Chat

Here's my recent easy build, a "C" table, named after the shape. It's designed to slide under the side of a couch or chair. The table is small and versatile, doesn't take up much space and is easily moved around to where it's needed,

I've seen these for sale and decided I could make one that would be a fraction of the cost. There are numerous designs and ways to build them but I liked the look and ease of using 2 x 2's. I was able to make the entire table from (2) 6' pieces, not including the top. I started by making the bottom and top rectangles, using wood glue and my Kreg Jig joinery. Next I cut two uprights so the table would just clear the arm of my sofa. I attached them the same way as the other pieces.  For the 12" x 15" top,  I used two scrap boards and joined them with glue and the Kreg Jig screws.

I decided to paint the bottom, using Rust-Oleum Linen White Chalked Paint.  I stained the top with Varathane Briarsmoke. It's a really handy side table!