Wood slice ornaments for use as gift bag tag

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Painting a series of wood slice ornaments.
Purchased 20 wood slices with pre-drilled holes.

I’m finding using egg cartons a nice way to position the ornaments to dry with wet paint- particularly wet paint on both sides.
Both using the top of the tray with the molded rows and using individual egg cup holder inverted,

Is there any recommendation as far as pre-priming the wood slices before applying the basecoat?

Is any special attention needed for the bark edge it seems to be dry and chipping off before my actually use. I was planning to caulk seal with a clear caulk after wood glue then a thick final sealer. I feel that a spray sealer will not be effective or protective for these particular rustic wood slices.
If anyone has advice on a recommended sealer please let me know.

Any other tips or tricks fabricating the woods slices would be appreciated. Im not convinced that they will have longevity over the tears if used as a tree ornament. Thanks!