Krud Kutter Rust Remover Gel TO THE RESCUE

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This last Friday... we attempted to have a drive in movie in our drive way!  It was all good until the rain came down in droves and the wind was blowing relentlessly.  We quickly moved the projector into the garage and got everything picked up.  Someone... really someone, we don't know who, set down a wet water bottle on my husbands table saw.  LOUD MOAN... we didn't discover it until Monday when we set out to finish up some projects.  There was some visable rust and bottle rust rings that nearly sent my husband over the edge of sanity.  I suggested that he use the Krud Kutter Gel that we bought for our Grill project to see if it would help.  My husband is a true believer, he had never heard of it before so he was skeptical but his table saw looks fantastic and you can't tell where the rust or rust rings were!  FANTASTIC!