A lot of Pretty!!

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I found these clear glass bottles when I was at the dollar tree. I wanted to paint them with Chalked paint and sand them to show the detail. I’ve seen this done in pictures and I wanted to try it. I ended up using Rust-Oleum’s Chalkboard paint in Deep Teal because I wanted that color. I had it leftover from other projects. I painted two coats and then sanded them to distress them a little. I used Testor’s craft paint in black to dry brush the bottles and show the detail. I replaced the corks added some twine and they look great! They add “a lot of pretty” to the end of my snack bar. All three for only $3.00.!!:)
After drying overnight... I love the finish on these bottles, feels like frosted glass. I’m doing another set as a gift. I would love to make some in some of the other awesome colors of chalkboard paint Rust-Oleum offers. I think there’s 12 colors you can have custom mixed at the paint counter ( at select stores) I might also add that it does not say for use on glass among the many uses on the side of the can. So far I’m loving it on glass. The bottles are for decorative use only, they are kinda an experiment on my part. I am just using up some leftover chalkboard paint. I’m not gonna put a protective top coat on them because I love that flat frosted glass finish. I will just feather dust them to be safe. Some things you feather dust and some things you don’t .:)