I'm Getting It Together

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I'm getting ready for gift wrapping and I rounded everything I'd need up again this year. For my wrapping station I took a big old magazine rack and filled it with 2 sided wrapping paper, gift bags, bulk tissue paper and a rod full of beautiful ribbons. Then I added an empty evergreen Wreath by bending a few of its branches over the handle on the front of the magazine rack. I filled it just by sliding the items over the branches with everything we would need to wrap our gifts. Tape, scissors, bows, pens, gift tags and sticky bows etc. It looks pretty good and is functional as well. It's so nice to have everything you need right in front of you when it's time to wrap a gift or two or even all of them at once. :) 
I can't seem to get a good picture of this. I hope you get what I'm trying to show.:)