Back splash

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As a renter I am limited as far as what I can do in my apartment. Years ago I discovered Tempaper - reusable wallpaper, great stuff, very sturdy. The best part is that they make blank wallpaper, it’s meant to be painted on. 

After pondering and debating I finally decided what to do about the backsplash. I made a template out of a piece of cardboard and used Rustoleum spray paint - light grey, I think it’s official color is Stone. When the paint would get a little over the lines the edge of a towel dipped in mineral spirits wiped the paint right off. I lightly sanded it with 220 sandpaper and added a the glossy Rustoleum clear coat. Sanded it again and added just another clear coat - it’s kitchen backsplash, it’s going to get some stuff tossed at it. 

So far so good! I’ve had to wipe it several times. Just a quick squirt of whatever cleaner is near (I’m big into using vinegar for cleaning everything) and wipe and clean. 

I’m really pleased how it turned out.

Now I’m constantly looking at every wall in my house and pondering and debating what to do with it....