Dollar Tree - Crafters Square wood planks

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Not sure if they are new item or have been around forever.
These Dollar Tree Crafters Square wood planks are absolutely wonderful for small craft projects. I found them both in square and rectangle formats. For this most economical price 6 for $1 the wood is smooth and edges are crisp. A thicker depth than other cut outs I have purchased at Michael’s. The single beveled $1 plaques out there have a poor finish with more minor defects imho.
I was very surprised and pleased with the quality.

Painted a Pinterest inspired two sided - Halloween kitten for our grandchild. Sealing underway now. He can display it at his level on a bookshelf or window sill.

Primes and excepts acrylic paints wonderfully.
Priming up more cut outs now and need to get back to Dollar Tree to stock up. I recently downloaded  F-A-L-L  svg, a cricut stencil would be nice for the squares to form a garland. I usually do a Christmas bag bundle of painted ornaments for family friends and neighbors this is the perfect medium for creating that project.
Fingers crossed they can still can be found.

Have you used these planks?
What have you made with them?