“To The Moon And Back”

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I had never been to IKEA and have mentioned that I wanted to go several times. During Christmas break, while my daughter was visiting, we went to our IKEA store which is about an hour and a half from here. I loved the store full of unique, well priced, furniture and decor. One of the things I purchased was this unfinished, mini storage chest. It’s birch plywood and was only 19.99. I decided to finish it using Rust-Oleum chalked paint.
I used cocoa bean for the drawers that I had already wood burned “ I love you to the moon and back”. I painted each drawer with the chalked paint  then I wiped it off to show the grain and the words. Then I used the chalked aging glaze to pop the words more and it worked. Finally after painting the rest of the piece in serenity blue, I put the chalked paint protective topcoat on it.
It compliments our wood floors and looks great in our Master bedroom in serenity blue. I put it on my husbands nightstand. It’s a pre Valentines gift. I don’t know if you can see the hearts at the top and bottom corners read Bill and then Bert!!:)
By the way the wood burning was my first attempt. I’m gonna keep working on it.Lol
It was a great Christmas time trip to IKEA. I’m glad I got to go with my daughter and granddaughter.:)

         Happy New Year Everybody!!:)