Deck in One Day Results

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I was selected as one of the winners in the “Deck in One Day” giveaway.  My prize package included Rust-Oleum’s Rocksolid Deck & Patio Cleaner, Restore Deck Start Wood Primer, Rocksolid Deck Coat 6X in Teak, and Rocksolid Deck Coat 6X Rollers.

I started off by using the cleaner to tackle the dirt on the deck, and to say I was shocked would be an understatement.  I used a pump sprayer to apply the diluted cleaner, then gave it a good scrubbing with a deck brush, and the gunk that was scraped away was amazing.  Great product!

Once the deck was good and dry, I applied the wood primer using the 6X roller on a long handle.  Mind you, this stuff is THICK!!!  You have to make sure you coat the boards well, which took a bit of work getting good coverage.  I received two cans of the wood primer, and for our 12’x20’ deck that only covered 8 – 20’ boards (please note that the coverage estimate on the can is far from accurate).  My husband headed to Lowe’s to purchase 3 more cans @ $23 a pop.  These were the ONLY cans left in our Lowe’s, and to top it off they were on clearance because it’s a discontinued item!  Upon his return, I was able to finish off all the boards, making sure they dried the allotted 2-3 hours.

The final step is applying the deck coat (is it a paint or stain…more like a super thick paste that’s been tinted).  You apply the deck coat with the provided roller, making sure it is well coated.  You roll the product on making sure you just go to the previous wet area.  This process went very quickly.  Let it dry for a good 24-hours, and it will be totally cured in 7 days.  I’ve noticed spots where I didn’t get the deck coat on thick enough, and it’s already bugging me that you can see the uncoated sides of the boards.  These I’ll touch up with a foam brush when the sun isn’t so blazing hot.

At first I was wondering what possessed me to do our deck in such a dark color, but living with it for a couple of days now, I really am loving it!  The product indicates that this is a “Deck in One Day” project, which it was, but in all honesty, I would probably clean it in one day, then do the prime the next morning, and deck coat it later that day.  Why?  My back was screaming for a muscle relaxer that night from leaning over for so many hours.

Bottom line:  2 thumbs up!!!