Thrifted Metal Chair Transformation

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I had been looking for a pair of these vintage chairs for years that were in decent condition and in my price range. I ran across these sitting outside a thrift store on our way to Home Depot, so we stopped and picked them up for $25 each. One of them had really bad rust on the leg frame, but I knew I could fix it up with my favorite Rust-Oleum paint! I took the seat off the frame, then cleaned and sanded the rusted areas. I decided to try the Appliance paint spray this time because I thought it might hold up a little better to the elements. (I used it on my dryer a while back and it looks great) I sprayed 3 light coats to completely cover the rust areas, letting it dry in between coats. I cleaned up the seats, then put the chairs back together. I can not believe how great they look!