Stunning YT Fabrication, inspired to try🤞🏻 this

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Wow this YouTube popped up in my feed while on the elliptical this morning.

Impressive results demonstrate fabrication of a budget friendly project.
Most supplies I do have on hand. I think I am going to give it a shot. This artist here uses very inexpensive, nonproprietary Amazon, Temu, or Ali Express silicone molds, proving that you can get nice results without spending all the money on IOD branding, which is out of my and a lot of peoples budgets.

Paint, molds and clay makes this fabulous ornament possible

I have used this exact deer mold on a flat wooden round for neighborly ornament gifting.
I think the dimensional mount application on an ornament makes a far nicer gifting presentation.

Learning experience, watching her manipulate and cut the clay layers fitting them into the designated circle with a lovely demonstration of paint layering bottom to top.….a dark to light painting technique.

I expect I will choose not to be decorating the reverse side. I think it’s a bit of overkill and making the ornament too heavy and distracting.🤞🏻Hopeful for trying this, my ornament blanks are smaller….🤞🏻