Love the Coastal Blue!

Submitted to Community Chat

When I received some Coastal Blue Chalk Paint, I knew exactly what I was going to update! I had this old, (35yrs), 5 drawer storage unit. I keep soooo much craft storage in those drawers!
It originally was a cheap brown wood with rattan pieces decorating the front of the drawers.
I painted the top with Imagine Gold, and it came out stunning, so now I was encouraged. The Coastal Blue and the Linen White were so easy to apply. It goes on so smoothly. I did sand down the whole thing first.
I plan on redoing the sides where it's the linen white. Even though I like it, I would like to try different wallpapers on the sides.
I mixed up a little of the Linen White with the Coastal Blue to create different blue colors on the drawer fronts. I added some gold acrylic paint to add a little shine.
I love my little area "Coastal Look", which fits in perfectly with my summer scheme decorating. Yes, I'm one of those who decorates/changes out home with the season... . I just love decorating and decorating for the season raises my spirits.