Entertainment Center from Recycled / Repurposed Wood

Submitted to Community Chat

I get a fair amount of "pallets" and "frames" from a commercial greenhouse, which gets them from all over the world. The wood is always seconds out of mills so nothing is dimensional. I have a fairly nice and fairly complete workshop after a number of years amassing tools. This entertainment center is built almost entirely from recycled or repurposed wood. One of the drawer bottoms has seven pieces of wood spliced together with biskets. Only one drawer bottom is a single piece of wood. The only "new" wood is the tops of the cabinets.

The tops of the cabinet sections all have raised ridges so nothing rolls off.

The unit is actually four sections held together by furniture bolts so it is easy to assemble, disassembly, and move. There are wire conduit paths throughout the center so nothing is "hanging stupid." Sometime in the next 87 years I will readjust the drawer faces a bit.

This took a chunk of time as the raw stock had to be planed and routed to become a common dimension. There is over 500 biskets and over 1 1/2 gallons of glue in this project. To stress the fact that  this is a "scrap project" the drawer slides are two different types - leftovers and recoveries from other projects.