Charred Wood Accelerator

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Hey, Creators!

We pay close attention to trends and focus on bringing you the latest and greatest colors and technologies for your DIY projects. This year, we’re seeing the burned wood look is one of the latest “in” things, so we created a product that will help you get the look without the danger of using real torch flames. Aside from that, the look can be achieved in just minutes.

Introducing Varathane Charred Wood Accelerator - the newest in the line of Accelerator products that will delight and surprise you with its burned wood finish. You may have already seen our Weathered Wood and Aged Wood Accelerators. This product acts the same way. Just wipe it onto bare wood, wait a few minutes and voila, a new look. You don’t even need to wipe it off, it’s that good.

Burning or charring wood with flame has been used for centuries as a technique to preserve and finish exterior wood, particularly cedar, but the look has come to interior wood pieces to add that unique style to furniture and accessories. After Charred Wood Accelerator is applied, it enhances the deep, rich colors of your wood grain, giving each piece a dark brown and black appearance, just as if you had burned it with a flaming torch.

We think you’re really going to love this trendy finish. Show us how you're planning to use it and tell us why you love it!