Why You Should Seal Your Stone

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Do you have a natural stone or tile surface in your home? This could be a granite counter top or a tile floor or backsplash, for example. If you do, it’s a good thing to know why sealing your natural stone and tile is important.

For one thing, sealing provides a water and stain-resistant barrier. Who wants coffee, wine or sauce stains on a granite countertop? We surely don’t! Once they are there, they will penetrate the porous surface and be there forever. Yikes!

For another thing, sealers make cleaning a lot easier – and who doesn’t want that? Once a sealer is applied, it forms a protective barrier between the surface and whatever it comes into contact with. If anything undesirable lands on your natural stone or tile, it can be wiped off easily.

Sealing stonework is simple, really. Miracle Sealants offers a complete line of products just for this purpose and most won’t need to be reapplied for many years. How often it needs to be reapplied depends on the stone’s surface texture, location and use. Miracle Sealants protectants can be easily applied with an applicator pad, paint roller, paint brush or lint free cloth. Simply apply evenly to the surface until wet, do not over saturate. Allow sealer to penetrate for 3-5 minutes and then wipe off the excess with a clean lint free cloth. Make sure you buff off all excess product before it dries to avoid any product residue. Once it’s dry, it will create protection worthy of your toughest foot traffic or your accidental coffee spill.

Sealers provide a tougher, longer-lasting surface and don’t require a lot of maintenance. They’re a very important step for keeping your stonework and tile beautiful for years to come.

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