Create A Statement on Your Ceiling

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Say goodbye to the boring white ceiling and bring something adventurous into to your room!

Statement ceilings have gained enormous popularity in interior design and can completely transform the look of a room, making it feel taller. From paint, to wallpaper, to wood, we’ve compiled some inspirational ideas for you to tackle this new design trend.

Graphic patterns

Large geometric shapes, stripes, checkers, you name it. Really, anything graphic goes. Patterns like these draw the eye upward and pack a powerful punch when it comes to transforming a room. Add a pattern with paint or wallpaper. Go classic with stripes or checkers, or try something more drastic with triangles or hexagons.

Bright colors

Maybe you think full color ceilings are better than accent walls. A bright yellow, green or blue puts an uplifting vibe in a room. Use a color that complements the rest of your room, or find a bold contrast. Either way, a bright color is unexpected and interesting.

3D elements

Define your space with 3D elements, whether it’s use of rustic wood beams, classic molding, or vintage and historic metal tin tiles. Vaulted ceilings with wood beam accents offer a hint of a rustic feel, and full wood ceilings, using wide barn wood or narrow slats, look great just about anywhere. How about a classic look with detailed molding, which takes your look a step further than crown molding? Embossed tin tiles were popular in the late 1800s and still provide unique architectural details in homes today. Honestly, who needs an accent wall when you can have an accented ceiling?

White ceilings are a thing of the past in home trends. When it comes to statements in the room, graphic, bright or three-dimensional ceilings are in the limelight. What will you try this year?