🧐 Inquiring Minds part 2: Rust-Oleum experts answer member questions

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Back by popular demand! We ran another Ask the Expert activity, where members ask their questions and our Rust-Oleum team members responded. Shout-out to @Vimarhonor for these great questions, that were answered by the folks at head office πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

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Q. What SKU has been in production the longest?

A. As Rust-Oleum produces tens of thousands of SKUs (individual products), it’s impossible to say which is the oldest. But, we can confidently say that our rust-preventive formulas, brush, and aerosols have been around since the company was founded more than a century ago.

Q. What is the newest SKU in production?

A. Rust-Oleum is a company that prides itself on creating innovative products. After all, we were founded by a sea captain who noticed that fish oil on his deck prevented rust from forming. He capitalized on the idea and worked with a chemist to create one of the world’s first rust preventive paint. You can read his story here

The truth is, we’re constantly bringing new products to the market. Consumers usually associate us with spray paint, but we also manufacture cleaners, primers, automotive, industrial coatings, high-performance coatings, wood care, and more!

Q. What is your top-selling product in $ sales and volume?

A. Though we can’t share actual sales figures, we can say that our small project paints (mostly aerosols) and our primers (mostly brush) currently lead the way among our product platforms.

Q. What is the most popular color spray paint in yearly sales?

A. We have dozens and dozens of color options, but believe it or not, our best sellers have always been plain ‘ol black and white.

Q. What is the most popular color spray paint sealer?

A. Without digging deep into the sales data, we can say, with confidence, that our 2X Ultra Cover Clear Spray is one of our most popular clear sealers. It adds a clear, protective finish to your projects. This spray applies easily, provides excellent coverage, and dries fast to a smooth, clear finish.

Thanks for the great questions!