Where are they now? Creator's Studio Challenge Winners Hall of Fame 🤩

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Check out this submission in the Creator's Studio 'Where Are They Now' Challenge winners hall of fame! Today we're spending time with @Chunky Mermaid, who is one of our original Creator's Studio members! 

Here's the story of the cover image: 

"As for my husband ~ I always try to outdo myself with surprise gifts!  This year I KNOW I've outdone myself!!! We are big fans of Viking TV shows, and yes, they are violent, but we still enjoy watching them. So I decided to have a picture done of my husband, myself, and Brindle as Vikings!!! He is going to FLIP!!!"

Which Challenges have you won?

Beautified Baubles Challenge: 1st Place ~ Snow Day with Grandpa

Crushing on Cricut Challenge: 2nd Place ~ Woodworker Shop Sign

Photo Transfer Challenge: Community Choice ~ Trial and Error

Canmade Pride Challenge: Project We'd Like To Hang On Our Walls ~ Cityscape

Oil Rubbed Bronze Product Challenge: Community Choice ~ Not Your Grandma's File Cabinet

Spooktacular DIY Challenge: 2nd Place - Craft It ~ Dias De Los Muertos Skull

What did you love and what were your struggles with these projects?

I love that I was challenged to think outside the box and take on projects I would've never thought of doing! The only struggle I can think of is what did I want to create for the challenge.

Of the challenges that I've won I have to say that all of them still make my heart sing. I have 'Snow Day with Grandpa' hanging in my living room year-round, as well as the 'Woodworker Shop Sign' on the piano, and 'Cityscape' in our bedroom. 'Not Your Grandma's File Cabinet' gets used daily, and I'm beyond proud how it turned out to this day. The 'Dias De Los Muertos Skull' is just too cool and it's proudly displayed on one of my tchotchke shelves.

Enquiring minds want to know -- what did you do with your prize winnings?!

I spent every darn cent!!! Mostly on more Rust-Oleum products, and some extra-special somethings just for me!

Are you still DIYing?

Have you seen my craft room?!? DUH YEAH!!!

What projects do you currently have on the go?

I've got a painting in the works of flowers. Working on a epoxy name plate for my husband's desk at work. Thanks to @Vimarhonor, I'll be making a googly-eyed bracelet. Also, an Aztec design sign.

Feel free to post your social media links in here if applicable.

Instagram: @thechunkymermaid

What's your favorite part of the Creator's Studio community? How would you describe this community to a friend?

Creator's Studio is hands-down the best online community that I'm a part of. Everybody plays nice, and is so supportive of one another, and that includes our fearless leader @Lisa L!!! Plus, you are constantly inspired by other creator's creations!

Bonus: if you could dream up an epic DIY Challenge, what would it be? (And what 🏆 prizes would you offer?!)

I know this sounds silly, but I've suggested it before: Trashcan Challenge. Take any trashcan and transform it into something totally different. Don't have a clue what the prizes would be, but gift cards are always welcomed!

Thanks for participating in this series @Chunky Mermaid, and thanks for being such an integral part of our community! Check out her profile to view the many amazing projects she has shared with us over the years 🌟