'Tis the Season for Home Improvement 🔨🏠🔧

Creators, if you haven’t yet popped over to our Home Improvement activity, we invite you to browse through some of the great projects our community members have shared! galicia2, candylea, and Wild Bill have posted the good, the bad, and the heartbreaking of their patio/deck projects. @maryhunn tackled her kitchen with great results, and @Vimarhonor took on a major bathroom gut and reno. We love @Ontheflydiy's pampas grass home décor – a DIY project that’s suitable for renters (and anyone else who can’t be knocking down walls 😉).

If autumn has you itching to roll up your sleeves, we’ve rounded up some inspiration for home improvement DIY projects.

Paint your walls:

Probably one of the least expensive and most rewarding DIY projects you can do – change your wall color and change your space! (And oh my gosh that gorgeous throw with the pompoms 😍).

Kitchen cabinet refresh:

According to realtor.com, painting your dated cabinets can be an excellent return on investment when selling your house. But even if you have no plans to move, a cabinet refresh might be just the change your kitchen is craving.

Cover an old appliance:

While you’re in the kitchen...if you can’t afford to replace an old dishwasher that has seen better days, check out this cool technique for a fun facelift.

Remove a popcorn ceiling:

A true eyesore, amiright?! Build up those biceps and shoulders with some overhead work and the help of a drywall knife and shop vac.

Cheap and cheerful upgrades:

Impactful upgrades on the cheap?! Yes please! Change your outlet covers, clean your windows and blinds, declutter, add a luxury shower head – a few simple and budget-friendly DIY projects can totally rejuvenate your space.

Create a custom mirror:

Swooooooooning over this rose gold mirror! Elevate your reflection with this easy project.

Doorway bookcases:

A space saver but also soooooo cozy and inviting as we settle in for winter ❄️

How about it, Creators – let us know in the comments if these ideas spark some DIY joy!