Vinyl Paint to the Rescue!

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This little 50's chair was purchased for $5 at a thrift store a while back. I like the chair but not the color. As I really didn't want to reupholster it, I decided it was the perfect piece to try vinyl spray paint as an alternative to reupholstering. 

First step was to order the paint as it was not available locally in my area. We got it from Amazon with two-day free shipping. (I had to reorder more paint after accidentally droppping the seat cushion wet side down onto the ground!)

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Step 1:

At first I wasn't going to take the chair apart, but just tape off and spray, but I decided to do it the right way and remove the cushions. They were easy to remove and replace. Next, clean everything--cushions, wrought iron, and removed screws with Krud Kutter to prepare the surface for paint.

Step 2: Lightly sanded the wrought iron. Spray with Oil-rubbed bronze. 

Step 3: Spray the seat cushions with the Fabric and Vinyl spray paint. This is tricky paint to use. I finally had to create a small spray tent inside my house in order to get it to dry without grayish dry patches. It appears cooler temperatures are needed for proper drying (which is hard to find in Florida in the summer). Oh, about that unfortunate accident--I let it dry and then sanded  with 320 grit sandpaper to get the stuck on dirt off.

Step 4: This little chair was missing the two back feet covers. I created new ones with Sugru (which is a moldable rubber product).

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Notes about the photos below: 

The little "tent" is the makeshift spray paint enclosure I made in the hallway to finish painting the cushions. It worked rather well. The drop cloth is being held up with two tension rods. There is paper lining the walls.

The cup is holding the screws from the cushions. They are soaking in Krud Kutter to clean off excess rust.

After replacing the screws, I sprayed a little of the oil rubbed bronze into a cup to create a puddle of paint which I then used to touch up the screw heads (close up of chair back).

Sugru is a modable glue that has a lot of DIY applications. It worked perfectly as new chair feet.



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