Old mirror frame hutch

Your Hidden Gem

A friend had this amazing frame from an old dresser mirror. I just loved the details but did not want to do the same old thing. I had panels that I had distressed to look like of barn board and had leaned the frame up against  them when I brought it home. Immediately it hit me  to make a hutch. I had some old bed rails that I used for the shelving. 

Describe your Transformation

 I refinished and distressed the frame. All the panels were cut to size and I attached the sides first , cut the Bedrails and installed shelves. Lastly I attached the back panels , securing them to the side panels and the shelving. 

Rust-Oleum Products?

I used heirloom white on the frame

Other Products

for the panels I had used sherwin Williams duration paint in various colors or greys and Dover white


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