Drab to Fab Vintage Sideboard

Describe your item and its condition before the transformation

This vintage sideboard, I purchased from a buy/sell app had been sitting with years of stains and neglect and lost its beautiful details in the drab dark tones. I snagged her up for a whole $15!

Explain what you did to turn your item from Trash to Treasure

This diamond in the rough, got a good cleaning & sanding, paint and seal! 

The body was painted in "Chalked" by Rustoleum, in Linen White. Distressed to show the beautiful detail work in the wood and ornate embellishments. 

The top remained wood and the body was given new knobs and sealed. 

List the Rust-Oleum products you used

Chalked by Rustoleum ~ Linen White 

List any other Products you used

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Experienced DIYers

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