This is not trash!!! (But it's definitely my treasure)

Describe your item and its condition before the transformation

This dresser is not really trash. It was beautiful the way I bought it. The thing is, I got it at an estate auction for $5. I was the only bidder. I probably could have paid $1, but I felt bad. No one wanted this piece and it would have gone to the dump. People, this is why I do what I do!! Solid furniture should never go to a dump! Not to mention, this baby has antique pewter hardware on it!! I fell in love with the dresser and knew I could make it shine again.  

Explain what you did to turn your item from Trash to Treasure

First I sanded off the shellac. I painted it with Rustoleum Country Gray Chalked paint. The inset of the drawers I painted in Rustoleum Serenity Blue Chalked paint. Once it dried I distressed lightly over the whole piece. I waxed the piece with Amy Howard Light Antique Wax and then added details with Amy Howard Dark Antique Wax. I cleaned the awesome hardware with some silver polish and put them right back where they belong.  This is now in my living room as my entertainment cabinet, and I get to look at it every day.

List the Rust-Oleum products you used

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