150 Year Old Window/Mirror

Describe your item and its condition before the transformation

This old window was in bad shape.  It had 3 cracked panes of glass at the bottom.  Whomever had pulled it out of the home it was in, was not delicate. The wood was broken on both sides and it was missing a large chunk of the side.  Dozens of layers of paint was about the only thing holding it together. 

Explain what you did to turn your item from Trash to Treasure

I started by removing all the panes of glass.  Chipping away at the old putty took hours! I stripped all the old paint off, repaired all the holes and missing wood using wood putty. I sanded the entire window, front and back. I secured some of the loose pieces using a finish nailer and glue. I then painted the entire window using a charcoal chalk paint. When dried, I applied thick amounts of Elmer's glue. Before it dried, I applied white outdoor paint on top of the glue creating a crackling effect. I spray painted the glass (and replacement pieces) with a mirror effect paint. I reinstalled the glass, added hardware to hang it and a hook for the wreath. 

List the Rust-Oleum products you used

Mirror effect spray paint

Chalk paint (Charcoal)

List any other Products you used

Elmer's glue

Sherwin William's outdoor paint

Goof off Pro stripper


Experienced DIYers

Document Upload

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