Small table top Halloween decorations


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I cut out several different types of tombstones and other figures out of different sized pieces of scrap wood and some other creatures and figures out of 1/4" plywood,. I created several small vingettes on another piece of wood for a base. I painted allt he pieces first except for the bottom to make for a better glue joint to the base. The headless horseman is mounted with a piece of 1/8 " dowel in the one leg that touches the base. I added some decorative craft moss for grass, small leaves bats fencing what ever you want to accestorise your vingettes. I made a small cemetary but the whole cemetary was quite expensive by the time I added the cost of all the tombstones the tree, all the ghosts and the other stuff added. Teh smaller vingettes sold better as the prices were lower. You can use glow in the dark paint on some parts like the eyes to add more affect in the dark. teh individual pieces could also be used to decotate the inside of a pumpkin with the front cut out and the guts removed. The cut out front can hold more tombstones. 

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These can be painted with Rust-Oleum paints and varathane polyurethane clear coat.

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