Bootiful Bouquet


Craft it


I took an old vase and sanded it a little bit to make sure the paint would stick, then using a sharpie, I drew a spiderweb onto the vase. I then used hot glue to trace the spiderweb. When it was dry, I spray painted the vase with Rustoleum Painter's Touch Ultra Cover 2X in Satin Canyon Black. I also picked up some twigs and spray painted them as well. Once it was all dry, it was time to arrange my bootiful flowers! I put some plastic grocery bags in the bottom of the vase as a filler and arranged the flowers the way I wanted. Then I tucked some black webbing material from the dollar store around the edges letting it hang down one side. I hot glued a rubber spider onto the vase and put 2 more in the webbing. I pulled apart a couple of cottons balls really thin and draped a little around the flowers to look like spider webs.

This was a fun a really different project to work on!

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Faux flowers



hot glue & gun

rubber spiders

cotton balls

black webbing material 


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